Off-site Development
When you want to have your project executed with significantly good response times and have a time critical turnaround we offer you offsite development as an option.

When should you consider opting for this model?

  • If resources and space are critical and you would rather have Ahura manage it for you.
  • If you need proximity but not in real-time
  • If your requirements are well specified and a team can work off of them
  • If you prefer a more economical option to having people work on-site
How it works
In this model, Ahura manages the project differently. The project team usually consists of CEs who work out of our NJ facility and those that work virtually. We prefer to have an On-site Coordinator (OSC), who will work at your location. The OSC could also manage the same role while traveling between the project site and our development facility.

The OSC is the primary liaison between the client and the project team. All communication is routed through the OSC. The Project Manager heads the project team and co-ordinates all activities of the team and performs all the project management activities.
The Project Manager is also ultimately responsible for the deliverables as defined by the work specifications signed off by the client with the OSC.

Depending on the team size and project size the OSC can double up as the Project Manager. We have successfully employed Extreme Programming techniques in these projects.

Below are a few of the projects successfully completed off-site

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services
The objective of the project was to develop a tool to help an organization wanting to migrate their e-mailing backbone from Banyan Vines to Microsoft Exchange and also allows selective migration of mailboxes, folders, messages and attachments with error logging support.

Lenders Warehouse
Lenders Warehouse, Inc, is an online company which serves to automate and web-enable the entire mortgage lifecycle.
The objective of the project was to build a web enabled proprietary software system in WebObjects to replace a single client version, developed earlier in ColdFusion.