• If your outsourcing policy mandates project management in your control
  • If your project has substantial client interaction
  • If your project requires a lot of discussions that need to happen in face-to-face meetings
  • If short delivery cycles are critical
  • If requirements are volatile and you see the product evolving as it is being built
  • If turnaround needs to be in real-time within your time zone, be it for a high-visibility turnkey project, or during a particular phase, such as bug fixing during an acceptance test
  • If you already have a project underway and you are looking to augment the team or filling in for team churn rate
How it works
For your on-site requirements Ahura provides consulting services that essentially augment your own staff at your project site.

You get to pick from the list of available Consulting Engineers. Our Marketing Team works closely with our Technical and Human Resources Departments to project availability of our CE’s. This helps us plan resources better and helps you anticipate the skill and experience levels of the CE’s that will most likely be available when you need them.

We can provide you with Project Managers if the team size warrants the overhead and if you choose to outsource this aspect of the project as well.

Below are some of our clients where our engineers have successfully delivered IT Solutions.

Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco’s Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of the Internet and most corporate, education, and government networks around the world.
The objective of the project was to develop a network health-monitoring tool with the objective of providing dedicated support to CISCO System's high profile customers.
The tool-kit residing at the customer's network collects the inventory and syslog information/data from the customer's network and transmits it at regular intervals.

Bank of New York
The Bank of New York Company, Inc., one of the largest financial holding companies in the United States, provides a complete range of banking and other financial services to corporations and individuals worldwide.
The objective of the project was to develop a Message Interchange System on VAX/VMS. The system provides store and forward message interchange capability. It provides reliable message transfer and recovery on system failure.

Deutsche Bank - Bankers Trust

Deutsche Bank is one of the leading international financial service providers. With more than 98,000 employees, the bank serves more than 12 million customers in more than 70 countries worldwide.
Ahura engineers were involved in the design and development of an Accounting Interface for Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust. Also assisted in the development of a system on the existing Network used by the company, which contains detailed information about their clients.

J P Morgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase is a leader in investment banking, asset management, private equity, custody and transaction services, middle market financial services, and e-finance.
The objective of the project was to transpose an existing client level application into a web-based environment so it fits seamlessly in the existing “superstructure” system.

New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange is the world's largest physical commodity futures exchange, and the preeminent trading forum for energy, and precious metals, in North America.
Ahura engineers were involved in the design and development of an E-Mail Gateway System. Engineers were involved in the designing message protocol between the gateway and the broker E-Mail system on Tandem

Marsh & Co - Reed Elsevier
Reed Elsevier is a world leading publisher and information provider, operating in four core segments, Science & Medical, Legal, Education and Business. Its principal activities are in North America and Europe and the company employs approximately 36,000 people.
The objective of the project was to develop an order fulfillment system that encompasses typical tasks such as Billing, Shipping, Order, Bill-to & Ship-to maintenance, Marketing, Sales Analysis and commissions with a lot of complexities because of the peculiarity in the kind of business.

Swiss Reinsurance
Swiss Re America is part of the Swiss Re Group, the second-largest global corporation in the reinsurance market.
‘Manhattan’ system was developed to automate the reinsurance business for the Under Writer, Technical assistant, Claims manager and Accounts department, covering the full scope of the reinsurance business.

Oracle Corporation
Oracle is the world's largest supplier of database software and employs employ more than 43,000 professionals in 100+ countries around the world.
The objective of the project was to develop a product for companies working with regulated or hazardous materials. Project consists of sub-systems to handle Epidemiology, Industrial Hygiene, Medical, Safety and Loss Analysis.